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Over forty years of experience have made Riccoboni a specialist in the environmental field and the flagship of the Riccoboni Group. Through the equipment of its plants, the project experience gained and its highly-specialised staff, Riccoboni has become one of the leading companies in the sectors of environmental reclamation, disposal of industrial waste, global environmental services, treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste using authorized mobile equipment, treatment of groundwater, and the construction and management of waste treatment and disposal plants.
For the market, all this translates into an efficient and certified organizational model: ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 for the Environment and OHSAS 18001 for Health and Safety.

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The Grassano Company began operating in 1957 and thanks to the Grassano Family’s professional skills, it has become a leader in the sectors of collection of waste oils and waste emulsions, filters and traction batteries.
 The company was bought in 2004 by the Riccoboni Group of Parma who, appreciating the high operating capacity and the management's specialist qualifications, retained its internal structure and gave the former owner a strategic role aimed at further developing the activities of the new sister company.
This new alliance brought some very special elements to this synergetic union, bringing together within a single Group, specific knowledge, resources and staff to offer wide-ranging and specialized solutions for the treatment, recovery and disposal of waste.

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Tecnoambiente is able to develop, depending on the customer's characteristics and specific requirements, all the steps relating to waste management. The company carries out analyses, giving a correct classification of the waste through analytical measurement; identifies the most appropriate disposal route, from a technical as well as economic point of view; and guarantees constant support to the customer through regular consultancy, all within the current regulations.

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Angelo Riccoboni