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Environmental Global Services


Global Services  solves the problems posed by industrial sites with high environmental sensitivity, starting with the management of contacts with the Supervisory Bodies, through to the processes of optimization, reduction, treatment and disposal of all waste produced by a production plant.

Riccoboni Global Service is especially efficient in the recovery and disposal of waste from refineries, the petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries  and from industrial plants with high environmental sensitivity in general.

Riccoboni Global Service integrates all the know-how of the group and applies all its processes and management experience to the following services:

  • Management of responsibilities with territorial Agencies
  • Management of relations with the Supervisory and Certification bodies
  • Drafting and management of plans for the implementation and improvement of service quality
  • Management of plans for volume and waste hazard reduction
  • Operational management of plant environmental services - On-site specialised staff - Collection and internal management of waste
  • Management of mobile and fixed systems for the treatment of plant waste


Environmental Global Services



Angelo Riccoboni