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Storage and Treatment of Waste


Plant site: Via per Retorto 31 - 15077 Predosa (AL)

 Decision issued by the Province of Alessandria Directorate DDAP1-400-2012 dated 26/07/2012 as amended 
(Amendment A.I.A. as per DDAP1 271-2011 dated 28/06/2011, in compliance with Legislative Decree n. 152/06 and subsequent amendments Plant Site: Via Per Retorto 31 - 15077 Predosa (AL) - proposer: Grassano S.p.A.Predosa - AL, Italy. Gen. Rec.  No.20120085135).


  • Initial deposit and storage equal to 10,871 instant tonnes (D15 - R13)
  • Grouping (D13), reconditioning (D14)
  • Chemical/physical treatment (D19)
  • Waste Exchange prior to recovery (R12)
  • Organic substance recycling/reclamation (R3), metal recycling/reclamation (R4)
  • Inorganic substance recycling/reclamation (R5), Used oil refining or other re-uses of previously used oil (R9)

The Predosa platform houses a transit area, parking and a covered structure, equipped with:

24 vertical  AISI 304 stainless steel tanks, each measuring 62 cubic metres, for the storage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (total  1,426 cubic metres).

1 vertical stainless AISI steel tank measuring 40 cubic metres, for the storage of contaminated liquid waste contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls;

10 tanks, and covered and capped grilles; 

8 tanks for storage, mixing, packing, stabilisation, each measuring 100 cubic metres;

6 storage boxes for solid waste, each measuring 155 cubic metres;

dedicated areas for waste handling;

storage area for packaged waste, comprised of scaffolding able to hold up to 600 tons of packaged waste;

3 high protection boxes for storing flammable waste for a total of 180 tons;

centrifugal separation system for the chemical/physical treatment of hazardous liquid waste;

Screen Sizer System

Soil Washing System

Inertization System with Plough-Share Mixer

Dehydration System

Gaseous Emissions Treatment System up to 100,000 nmc/hour

Industrial Waste Shredders with built-in emissions treatment system with a capacity of 23,000 nmc/h.

The platform is structured to hold a maximum storage capacity prior to recovery and initial deposit equal to 10,871 tons of special hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

The maximum annual storage/treatment volume is 150,000 tons.

All the structures and yards are built on reinforced concrete beds with a 2mm HDPE lining for total collection of rain water.

The Company devotes considerable resources in up-to-date training of the staff responsible for the management of the above mentioned activities.

In addition to the Company's control and safety measures, there also is a CCTV system linked to the Operating Centre.






Angelo Riccoboni