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Filter and Packaging Crushing Plant


Plant site: Via per Retorto 31 - 15077 Predosa (AL)

Decision issued by the Province of Alessandria Directorate DDAP1-400-2012 of 26/07/2012 as amended and integrated. 
(Substantial amendment  to the Integrated Environmental Authorization(IEA) pursuant to DDAP1 271-2011 of 28 June 2011, in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree No. 152/06 as amended and integrated. Plant Site: Via Per Retorto 31 - 15077 Predosa (AL) - proposer: Grassano S.p.A.Predosa - AL, Italy. Gen. Rec.  No.20120085135).

  • Specific treatment of traction oil/gas filters
  • Volumetric reduction of contaminated metal containers


  • Initial deposit and instant storage (D15)
  • Regrouping and Reconditioning (D13 and D14)
  • Metal recycling/reclamation (R4)
  • Storage (R13)
  • Waste Exchange  (R12)

The plant is composed of:

  • Storage areas
  • Collection tank
  • Volumetric reduction line
  • Centrifugal separator
  • Electromagnets
  • Eddy current separators
  • gaseous emissions treatment system up to 25,000 nmc/hour

The up-do-date plant and the continuous improvement of working practices allows the total recovery of hazardous waste fractions from treated waste obtaining:

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals for smelting
  • Waste oils for regeneration (ref. C.O.O.U.)
  • Impregnated paper and plastic to be used for energy recovery



Angelo Riccoboni