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Collection, transport and management of industrial waste


Registered with the Italian National Register of Environmental Managers at No. TO01392 for the following categories and classes:

  • Order TO01392 dated 21 March 2013, as amended and integrated Registration Category 4 Class B; and Category 5 Class B
  • Order TO01392 dated 15/11/2011 and subsequent amendments Registration Category 8 Class B
  • Order TO01392 dated 04/09/2014 Registration Category 9 Class B

 Vehicle Fleet

  • Lorries
  • Flatbed trucks equipped with hydraulic lift
  • Tank trucks with suction system
  • Articulated lorries with roll-off containers
  • Tipper trucks
  • Gully emptiers

As an agent of various mandatory Consortia, Grassano carries out the collection of industrial waste in the name and on behalf of:

COOU   Italian Obligatory Consortium for Waste Oil

COBAT  Italian National Consortium for Collection and Recycling

CONOE Italian National Consortium for the disposal of wasted vegetable oils and animal fats

CERTO   Italian National Consortium for the Eco-treatment of Technological Waste

Historical Supply Chains

Collection, transport, treatment and recovery of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, such as:

  • Mineral and Vegetable Waste Oils 
  • Chlorinated and non-chlorinated emulsions
  • Waste oil, diesel, petrol and used air filters
  • Waste automotive batteries/accumulators

The Clients' requirements, with particular attention to the micro-collection of other types of waste, are satisfied on a call-out or a scheduled basis.

Upon request, suitable technical and administrative assistance is also available for:

  • Characterisation of waste and preparation of technical data sheets;
  • Waste storage methods;
  • Delivery of suitable containers in conformity with regulations / labelling requirements;
  • Supply of pre-completed F.I.R. forms;
  • Supply and preparation of loading and unloading registers;
  • Drafting of M.U.D. (Consolidated Declaration Form)






Industrial Waste

New authorizations, the fully-operational analysis laboratory, the advanced progress of the business plan for development and the activation of land plot II, allows Grassano to meet the demands of an evolving market satisfying a wide range of waste disposal requirements.

Special high-risk processing environments, such as oil refineries and petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, require a response which can guarantee the management of by-products in absolute safety as well as highly specialized and unfailing final disposal solutions.

With an increased storage capacity for liquid waste at the large tank farm and of solid waste in its own drums and containers, Grassano is a specialized partner for experts in the field of remediation of contaminated sites.

In particular, chemical/physical reconditioning and treatment of solid and liquid waste optimize the flow towards regulated final disposal sites, both in Italy and abroad.









Angelo Riccoboni