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Health and Safety



The Companies of the  Riccoboni Holding Group  have actively committed as never before into promoting health and safety. Senior management believes that safeguarding people's well-being, and their safety is of paramount importance. A true corporate Health and Safety culture rooted throughout the organisation where taking care of oneself and others comes first.

Riccoboni Holding supports its employees at all levels by promoting corporate culture and conduct geared towards health and safety. It is the duty of every person part of Riccoboni Holding to become a  leader in health and safety.

Riccoboni Holding Group adheres to the Leadership in Health and Safety  Project led by of the foundation with the same name and, making it its own, has launched a new strategic training and communication program on health and safety.  It was launched in 2014 as a new way of promoting safety awareness throughout the organization, based on the understanding that each individual has to become an leader in health and safety. The program is made up of workshops and meetings where all the Group's staff is involved, starting from the top to include everyone.  Health and Safety concerns not only operating staff: it is a commitment and a duty which affects everyone.

The principles and the contents of our new Health and Safety Corporate Culture are clearly stated in  Riccoboni Holding: Our Vision on Health and Safety:

A step ahead of others thanks to our commitment to Health and Safety

For our company, Health and Safety is not a set of rules, it is way of thinking and it allows us to excel and be innovative in all that we do.

Each one of us, no matter what their job is, is a leader in Health and Safety, promoting it and making its voice heard everywhere.

We believe that economic performance, work quality and health and safety are perfectly integrated and absolutely necessary.


Respect for one's own safety and for the safety and wellbeing of others is unconditional and is everyone's right.

Whenever you think that safety is at risk, you must intervene.

It is everyone's duty and everyone's right to be safe.  When needed, this could also mean confronting one's superiors.


The Board of Directors and Senior Management of Riccoboni Holding, 4 November, 2014



Angelo Riccoboni