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Riccoboni Holding, with its three operating companies, has formed numerous commercial partnerships in the environmental sector, both in Italy and abroad.



The Riccoboni Group has finalized an exclusive agreement with company CURRENTA (Ex BAYER INDUSTRY SERVICES) for the disposal of hazardous waste in Germany, at the BAYER Group plants, a global player in the chemical sector. The Riccoboni Group stands out with its exclusive contracts and for the availability of its own qualified staff abroad. All Customers of the Riccoboni Group are ensured maximum operating transparency in the management and traceability of its waste up to its final disposal.

The agreement between the Riccoboni Group and the multinational Bayer from Leverkusen (DE) is exclusive for all the Italian territory. 
Our Partner guarantees considerable incoming capacity, both qualitative and quantitative, for the disposal of gaseous, liquid, malleable or solid waste (packaged or bulk), at its own numerous German plants (disposal sites and ovens) in Leverkusen, Dormagen, Uerdingen and Brunsbuettel.
Riccoboni Holding has implemented relevant notifications for the export of waste from its own platforms located in Alessandria, construction sites managed by the Riccoboni sister company and also from its customers’ own production plants.
The “turn-key services” are also managed by its own staff, also abroad, in order to offer the best support of our customers’ needs and cover all phases of the services from administration, technical support to logistics.



Angelo Riccoboni