Tuesday, 12th May, "Giorni Rubati" ("Stolen Days") at the Casale Monferrato Theatre - Riccoboni Holding

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Tuesday, 12th May, "Giorni Rubati" ("Stolen Days") at the Casale Monferrato Theatre


"The starting point in the creation of this work was the terrible accident suffered by a young factory worker, our friend: it was one of those warm autumns, which did not want to give way to winter. It was a Tuesday, and I was already thinking about what I would do on Sunday. That Sunday never came and will never come again. Now stop and tell me: are you happy? No, not in five years, nor in ten. Now, tell me: are you happy? Here begins the story of Gianmarco M”.

So begins “Giorni Rubati" - "Stolen Days - a play about accidents at work" that will be staged by the Rossolevante theatre company on Tuesday, 12th May at the Casale Monferrato Municipal Theatre (admission free).

The initiative is promoted by Riccoboni Holding in collaboration with the Municipality of Casale Monferrato and is addressed to Casale and Alessandria schools for whom a performance will be staged in the morning. For Group employees and local citizens, the performance will be staged at 20.30.

"Giorni Rubati" ("Stolen Days"), directed by Silvia Cattoi and Juri Piroddi, is the story of Giammarco and his personal battle, and one of the many tragedies that affect the everyday world of work. The play, in recent years, has been awarded the Representation Medal of the President of the Italian Republic and is under the patronage of the ANMIL (National Association for those Disabled at the Workplace). It is presented in cooperation with the LHS Foundation (Leadership in Health and Safety).




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