The Ministry of the Environment visits Grassano for the project “Let's get in Line” - Riccoboni Holding

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The Ministry of the Environment visits Grassano for the project “Let's get in Line”


Day of visits yesterday, Thursday 4 July, at the Grassano plant in Predosa: for the project “Let's get in Line” promoted by the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, a delegation of Ministry technicians , The Piedmont Region, the Metropolitan City of Turin and the Province of Alessandria, visited the Grassano plant in Predosa. The honors were made by Mr. Angelo Riccoboni, supported by Mr. Roberto Cavallo, who underlined the importance of quality recycling to put into practice the principles of the circular economy, and by the Director of Grassano Srl, Mr. Stefan Roda, who highlighted the numerous excellences of the Predosa plant and presented the highlights of the visit, conducted by Grassano technicians.

With the project "Let's put ourselves in Riga", the Ministry intends to "offer public administrations and other subjects with environmental skills paths to strengthen administrative and technical capacities of the personnel already employed by them”, to produce a change in terms of increased ability to plan, design and implement interventions in the environmental field according to well-defined times and rules. Based on the various project guidelines, the Ministry with the support of the Regions, have selected some plants of excellence. In addition to Grassano Srl plant, in fact, the two-day Piedmont delegation visited the Gerbido waste-to-energy plant, the Acea plant in Pinerolo and the biodigester of NoviLigure.




Angelo Riccoboni