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Safety for Riccoboni Holding is ...


  " Safety (for us) is ... "  - Riccoboni Holding's main initiative organized on the occasion of the  World Day for Health and Safety at Work, planned for  Tuesday, April 28. It is a competition that kicked off in recent days and that will involve all employees in a contest during which we will look at the issues related to safety at work. The goal is to develop and enhance, throughout the company, a safety culture that can spread to all parts of society.  It is not surprisingly that the logo chosen is a stylized human figure made up of pieces of a puzzle that fit together, showing how our own safety is at the heart of the safety of those around us and vice versa.

How is the competition structured?  Employees of Riccoboni Holding will be grouped into teams. Each team will choose an image, a photo or a picture that represents the theme of safety and contextualizes it with a short text. The best will be published on April 28 on the Company's official website to celebrate the best of the World Day for Health and Safety at Work.  Because, enhancing our safety culture means improving our quality of life!




Angelo Riccoboni