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Safety Vision


Health and Safety


The companies in the Riccoboni Holding Group operate under a commitment to safety without precedent, and the Group's top management believe that safeguarding peoples'  wellbeing, as well as their health and safety are of paramount importance. A real safety culture, deeply rooted throughout the organisation, where taking care of oneself and those around you comes before anything else.

Riccoboni Holding supports its staff at all levels in actively promoting this safety culture and conduct aimed at safety. It is the duty of everyone in the Riccoboni Holding Group to be a leader in safety.

By adhering to the Leadership in Health and Safety project promoted by the foundation with the same name, the Riccoboni Holding Group has instigated a new and strategic programme of communication and training on safety aspects.  Launched in 2014, it is a new way of diffusing the safety culture throughout the whole organisation, based on the awareness that each one of us must be a leader in safety. The programme consists of workshops and a series of meetings involving all the Group's staff, excluding no-one.  Safety not only concerns operational staff but is a commitment and a duty for everyone.



The values and the contents of the new safety culture are firmly laid out in the Riccoboni Holding Safety Vision:

a step ahead of others thanks to our passion for safety

In our Company, Safety is not only a set of rules but a mental attitude which allows us to be excellent and innovative in everything that we do.

Each of us, whatever our role, is a leader in safety, and promotes it wherever his or her voice is heard.

For us economic results, quality of work and safety are fully integrated and unavoidably linked.


There must always be unconditional respect for everyone's right to safety as well as the safety and wellbeing of others.

If you are ever in doubt that safety conditions are being compromised, you must intervene.

It it everyone's right and responsibility. This also means challenging your superiors, if necessary.


The Board of Directors and Top Management of Riccoboni Holding, 4th November 2014.





Angelo Riccoboni