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Riccoboni Holding at Avigliana for Keep Clean and Run


Riccoboni Holding also supports Keep Clean and Run”, the central Italian event of the second “European Clean Up Day”, the communication campaign created by a network of European organizations that promote activities to raise awareness about littering. Riccoboni Holding, the main backer of the initiative, has sponsored the third stage of the eco-trail which started last Saturday from Aosta, the Alpette-Avigliana. This is one of the toughest stages for the two athletes, Roberto Cavallo and Oliviero Alotto, who faced a run of about 66km with a total ascent of almost 4000 meters.

The company was at the finish in the small town of Valsusa and took part in the debate that followed at the "La Fabrica" centre. Together with Enrico Bosi, representing Riccoboni Holding, were Roberto Cavallo and Luca Mercalli, the well-known Rai Tre television figure who has been an environmental activist for years. While being interviewed by Paolo Hutter, Director of Eco dalle Città and former Councillor for the Environment of the Municipality of Turin, Bosi said: “Our company supports initiatives such as Keep Clean and Run because it shares its values. We hear a lot about urban waste, but we also need to reflect about industrial waste, which per capita is five times higher. The culture of approach to waste must change, because every time we use an object,  or drive our car, or have X-rays taken, we need to understand that material had to be created for that purpose and that it's impossible not to produce waste. That is waste that a company like ours wants to turn into a resource, and we are committed to do so. This is the meaning of circular economy, a concept in which I strongly believe”.




Angelo Riccoboni