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Riccoboni Holding among the nine greenest start ups


Riccoboni Holding is one of the nine companies to receive recognition under the Sustainable Development Prize 2013, organized by the Sustainable Development Foundation by the former Minister Edo Ronchi and by Ecomondo Fair in Rimini, with the support of the President of the Republic and the patronage of the Ministry for Economic Development. The prize is awarded annually to companies which have distinguished themselves for activities and projects which lead to important environmental benefits, including innovations and positive effects on the economy and employment. Riccoboni Holding was nominated in the “start-up” section thanks to activities in one of the Group's processing plants in Grassano a Predosa (AL), operating in the recovery of automobile oil filters. The prize-giving ceremony took place in Rimini during the Ecomondo Fair and the award was received by the Group's Chief Executive, Angelo Riccoboni

The Predosa plant, built with an investment of around Euro 5 million (500 thousand from a financing from the Piemonte Region), manages almost 5,000 tonnes a year of automobile oil filters, that is, almost one third of the national production (16,000 tonnes). Four totally re-useable materials are obtained from these filters: iron, aluminium, oil and paper.  Around 60 people work at this plant.

During the ceremony, Angelo Riccoboni commented: “We are very pleased to have been awarded this highly prestigious prize as we feel it is important to start to consider waste as a resource rather than a problem to be solved.  The objective of the plant is to recover close to 100% of the four fractions which make up the filter. What is important, above all in a green economy, is knowing how to match environmental sustainability and employment, without forgetting local as well as national development".




Angelo Riccoboni