In Piedmont, with Riccoboni the Green Economy is a reality! - Riccoboni Holding

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In Piedmont, with Riccoboni the Green Economy is a reality!


Also in Piedmont, automobile filters can be recycled, recovering the materials they contain (in particular, iron, aluminium and used oil) rather than disposing of them in landfills or, worse still, abandoning them in the environment.

All this is possible thanks to the Riccoboni Holding's recycling and recovery plant for automobile oil filters inaugurated this afternoon at the Grassano di Predosa plant (Alessandria) - a concrete example of the “green economy” in Piedmont.

The plant's inauguration was also an occasion to discuss sustainable economy during the course of the “The Green Economy in Piedmont”, a debating event where politicians and entrepreneurs talked of their experiences. The Chief Executive of Riccoboni Holding, Angelo Riccoboni opened the event followed by Roberto Della Seta and Andrea Fluttero, members of the Senate Commission on the Environment who highlighted all the advantages that the Green Economy  can bring to the economy of the Piedmont region, both in terms of environmental protection as well as employment prospects. The interventions by the Regional Environmental Assessor, Roberto Ravello, and the President of the Province of Alessandria, Paolo Filippi, were of great importance alongside that by Paolo Tomasi, President of the COOU (Obligatory Used Oil Consortium).

The debate was followed by the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony performed by the Mayor of Predosa, Giancarlo Sardi, and the children Camilla and Denise, symbolizing the future generations.

«A great day where we presented to the territory a plant we are extremely proud of - noted the Chief Executive Angelo Riccoboni- I want to thank all those who took part in the inauguration and wanted to see at first hand how Piedmont also can have a sustainable economy».




Angelo Riccoboni