Grassano wins ENI SAFETY AWARD 2018 - Riccoboni Holding

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Grassano wins ENI SAFETY AWARD 2018


An important recognition for Grassano and for the entire Riccoboni Holding, and a prize for the attention that the Company has reserved in these years to the safety of workers. Last week in San Donato Milanese Eni awarded Grassano the Eni Safety Award 2018, the award that every year is assigned to the suppliers who have performed the best performances in the field of safety, based on the feedback received in the realities where they have operated, and which have also distinguished themselves for the company's commitment. Mr. Claudio Cabri and Mr. Marco Riccoboni collected the prize for Grassano SpA as best-performer for the Environmental Services category.

The Eni Safety Award is part of the initiatives promoted by Eni for Safety Day. Starting from 2013, the Company dedicates a prize every year to the industrial realities of each business Unit that have achieved the best results in the field of Safety, the special and innovative projects that have made it possible to combine the operational efficiency of industrial processes with the Safety in carrying out the activities and for Suppliers belonging to the most critical commodity classes, as the HSE risk profile, which have achieved the best safety results.

For several years now, Riccoboni Holding has set up Safety Day for all employees, with varied initiatives aimed at all personnel, the last of which is the shared choice of the "Wind of Safety" logo and slogan, as part of the internal competition: "Our Safety Vision". A project that involving all the staff, has allowed a thorough reflection on the issues concerning security and the sharing of stimuli and ideas.




Angelo Riccoboni