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Activity in the new area Lot 3 bis


In the second half of 2014, the new industrial plant of the Waste Treatment platform at Grassano -Predosa (AL) was completed.

The new lot - called Lot 3 bis - is part of a continuous process aimed at the improvement and optimization of "waste resources", enhancing the performance of the platform and maximising environmental performance as well as the services offered in the territory. It covers an area of around 1,000 sq. m. and is equipped partly for the storage of various types of waste and partly for the processing of packaged waste. The remaining area is also equipped with two separate zones for processing liquid waste.

The structure is equipped to ensure the best environmental and safety conditions for its operators, such as an air treatment installation with an overall capacity of around 25,000 mc/h and an foam extinguisher installation.

Processing of packaged waste is limited exclusively to Lot 3 and the use of appropriate equipment maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatments while, at the same time, minimizing interference with the platform's operating lots which are divided into three separate processing lines: in Lot 1, oils are managed and emulsions are processed, in Lot 2 industrial waste is treated using specific dedicated equipment, and in Lot 3 oil filters are processed and a waste crusher handles around 20 tons of waste per hour.





Angelo Riccoboni