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A leader in the collection and disposal

of exhaust oils and emulsions

A platform for the treatment of

hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste in Piedmont


Grassano S.p.A.


The Grassano Company started operations in 1957 and, thanks to the professional skills and expertise of the Grassano Family, it became a leader in the collection of used oils and emulsions and of traction batteries and filters.

In 2004 the Company was acquired by the Riccoboni Group of Parma, who appreciated the management's expertise and high operational skills , therefore, retaining its internal structure and giving the former owner a strategic role in order to further develop the core business of the new sister company.

This new alliance created a synergy of one of a kind elements, combining the Group’s specialised knowledge, its means and its human resources in order to offer broader and better solutions for the treatment, recovery and disposal of waste.

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