Tecnoambiente Srl - Riccoboni Holding

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Founded in 1993, Tecnoambiente started as a commercial brokerage company operating in the industrial waste recovery and disposal sector across all of Italy. The Chairman of the B.o.D. is Ernesto Riccoboni. Since 2007 the company has modern chemical analysis laboratory offering its services for the Riccoboni Group as well as its clients.

  • Articles of Association

    There are 44 articles in Riccoboni’s Articles of Association, which describe and defines the type of company, from its headquarters to the type of activities it undertakes, from its Shareholders' Meetings to the to the responsibilities of the various corporate bodies.

  • Board of Directors (B.o.D.)

    Tecnoambiente Board of Directors is composed of three directors. It is Chaired by Ernesto Riccoboni and Marco Riccoboni, Angelo Riccoboni, Fulvio Cominassi and Claudio Cabri act as directors.

  • Technical Team

    Tecnoambiente's technical team consists of three members of staff: a manager and two analysts.



Angelo Riccoboni