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The term Corporate Governance is the set of rules and processes that govern the management and control of the company.

These procedures are a key element if its  business model and contribute towards achieving its business results.

Integrity and transparency are the principles that Riccoboni Holding pursues in defining its Corporate Governance.

In the various sections you will find, among other things, details on the Board of Directors, the Board of Auditors, the Articles of Association, and you will learn more about our Managers.

  • Articles of Association

    There are 44 articles in Riccoboni’s Articles of Association, which describe and defines the type of company, from its headquarters to the type of activities it undertakes, from its Shareholders' Meetings to the to the responsibilities of the various corporate bodies.

  • Model 231

    Corporate Responsibility Organizational Manual (model 231) is an organization and management model.

  • Board of Directors (B.o.D.)

    The Board of Directors is composed of three directors

  • Board of Auditors (B.o.A.)

    Riccoboni S.p.A. Board of Auditors is composed of five auditors: the Chairman, two Standing Auditors, and two Alternate Auditors.



Angelo Riccoboni