Grassano SpA - Riccoboni Holding

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Expertise, tradition and knowledge of the territory. A commitment to environmental sustainability, constant technological research and a high profile management define Grassano’s corporate governance which, since 2004, is part of the Riccoboni Group.

  • Articles of Association

    The 44 articles of Grassano’s Articles of Association describe and defined the type of company, from the headquarters to the type of activities, from Shareholders' Meetings to the responsibilities of the various corporate bodies.

  • Model 231

    The Grassano Corporate Responsibility Management System is based on "GS 23101: 2009 - Requirements for the creation of a Corporate Responsibility Management System - SGRA 231" (in concordance with the requirements of Regulation  ISO 9001: 2008), and was drafted by Engineer Ciro Strazzeri is a management consultant and international expert Risk Management; he is also a member, directly or via subsidiaries, of Confindustria, Assoconsult, AIIA, and APCO.

  • Board of Directors (B.o.D.)

    The Board of Directors of Grassano S.p.A. is composed of four directors.

  • Board of Auditors (B.o.A.)

    Grassano S.p.A. Board of Auditors is composed of five auditors: the Chairman, two Standing Auditors, and two Alternate Auditors.



Angelo Riccoboni