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Riccoboni Holding's corporate governance upholds to the fundamental values which, from the very beginning, have been the Group's building blocks.

  • PEOPLE:  we recognize ourselves, our men and women, as our primary asset. Our Company was built on this basic principle, relying on the people and the projects they are able to achieve. At Riccoboni, sharing ideas and planning strategies always go hand in hand. The future and the growth of the Riccoboni Holding Group are in the hands of a closely knit group of men and women, ready to meet the market's challenges.


  • SUSTAINABILITY:  respect for the environment and the need for progress can be both paired with what sustainability stands for. Every day Riccoboni relies on the ethical principle of sustainability and thus finds the stimulus to improve our expertise whilst respecting the environment. A choice that originated long ago, and consciously leads us towards the future.


  • SAFETY: the health and safety of each of us is part of our corporate culture and outlook on life. Rules and regulations are not enough to guarantee our safety and well-being. Riccoboni Holding Group conveys a corporate culture of safety and has a protective outlook towards its employees and its suppliers through its clear policies consistent with the Group's ethical principles.


  • INNOVATION: : Riccoboni Holding firmly believes in a process of constant research and innovation of the services offered; nothing is set in stone and the market demands and expects excellence. Improving and making our treatments and services more efficient is a value shared and supported by all of us.
  • Riccoboni SpA

    The term  Corporate Governance is the set of rules and processes that govern the management and control of the company.

    These procedures are a key element of its  business model and contribute towards achieving its business results.

    Integrity and transparency are the principles that Riccoboni Holding pursues in defining its Corporate Governance system

  • Eco Impresa Srl

  • Grassano SpA

    Expertise, tradition and knowledge of the territory. A commitment to environmental sustainability, constant technological research and a high profile management define Grassano’s corporate governance which, since 2004, is part of the Riccoboni Group.

  • Tecnoambiente Srl

    Founded in 1993, Tecnoambiente started as a commercial brokerage company operating in the industrial waste recovery and disposal sector. The Chairman of the Board is Ernesto Riccoboni.



Angelo Riccoboni